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An exquisite, fine and elegant flavor that undoubtedly distinguishes them from any other typical sweet, a true Mexican delicacy. Delicious western "half" walnuts, caramelised with natural sugar, under the process of praline burning in a soft fire on copper, with a touch of 100% natural vanilla and cinnamon.



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Guadalajara , Jalisco, México

  • Empresa Comercial
  • Distribuidor/Mayorista
  • Agriculture, food and beverages
  • Handicrafts

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Visits 40
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Production capacity by pieces 4 TONELADAS


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Name   Company BOAR
Location Jesús Urueta 2752 , San Isidro oriente 44740. Guadalajara , Jalisco. México
Registered Company 2020-05-05 11:28:31
Total employees Menos de 5 personas
Company type
  • Empresa Comercial
  • Distribuidor/Mayorista
Economic activity
  • Agriculture, food and beverages
  • Handicrafts
Description company ”Boar is a company dedicated to the manufacture of 100% handmade high quality snacks and garapiñados, with natural, non-industrialized ingredients."
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Annual sales 0 - $ 4 mdp
Company classification Company no Exporting
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