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Silicon Dioxide

It is a white powder, high purity, impalpable and odorless, easily dispersed, it is produced from silicon compounds in a fluid state by means of hydrolysis. Promisil can be used in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries as an anti-wetting and anti-caking agent, improving the characteristics of the product and helping in the manufacturing process. THE PROMISIL is used in the elaboration of dairy products, condiments, spices, flavorings, seasonings, cocoa sugars to mention a few examples. The chemical, physical and technical application possibilities of PROMISIL silicon dioxide are mainly determined by the following basic qualities. -Thickening effect -Trixotropic effect -Anti-sedimenting -Anti-caking agent



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Guadalajara , Jalisco, México

  • Distribuidor/Mayorista
  • Agriculture, food and beverages

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- Silicon Dioxide (food grade) - Silicon Dioxide (industrial grade) - Silicon Dioxide (AA-6P) - Silicon Dioxide (AA-6P) SM - Granulated Silica 170 G - Econosilik

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Name   Company A&G EXPORT SA DE CV
Location Paseo del Zoologico 536 int 19, Huentitan El Alto 44390. Guadalajara , Jalisco. México
Registered Company 2020-09-03 17:07:44
Total employees Menos de 5 personas
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  • Distribuidor/Mayorista
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  • Agriculture, food and beverages
Description company We are a proudly 100% Mexican company dedicated to the marketing, distribution, export and/or import of products. We specialize in food and industrial grade Silicon Dioxide. Food and industrial avocado oil.
Languages Español
Certifications Certificado ISO 9001 2015, FSSC 22000, FDA 2020, HALAL, KOSHER

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  • Chile
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  • Estados Unidos de América
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