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Dog Collar Extra Kid Huichol

Manufacture of dog collars in 5 sizes; Extra boy Boy Medium Big Extra big In which the bead of Wixarika art is applied. (Huichol) For pet owners looking for a different necklace, nice and resistant with ecological materials to fit the profile of users' tastes. 100% Mexican and artisan product, each piece will be unique in its design. Necklace in one piece, 100% leather with r ribbon trim, large blade blade, nickel-plated wire buckle in one piece, double rivet, soul reinforcement in the middle, selfin cut, a nickel-plated 3.2x1 plate. 5cm, bead of the highest quality and packaging. What makes this necklace different is that it is not a product, if not, an experience because it is worked in the collar saw by collar in a rustic and natural environment, with an estimated time of 23 days of development. Since it is a 100% handmade necklace, there is no technology in its elaboration, which is why the collar will be given the correct value. The key to success is that the final collar is monitored individually to provide the desired quality.



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Wixari Pets

Zapopan, Jalisco, México

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Name   Company Wixari Pets
Location la merced 1598, chapalita 89657. Zapopan, Jalisco. México
Registered Company 2019-05-24 15:53:33
Total employees 11-50 personas
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  • Empresa Comercial
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  • Handicrafts
Description company 100% Mexican company dedicated to making necklaces for pets, more than a product, what we offer is an experience to the user since each necklace is handmade in the mountains of Jalisco, in the middle of nature and in a mystical environment . We are generators of culture
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