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Tequila Mi Tierra Silver

A smooth tequila balanced with the flavor of cooked agave. Appearance: Shiny with a notable shape. Smell: A plethora of powerful citric essences, from grapefruit, oranges and lemons, as well as the sweet undertone of the cooked agave compliment the herbal tones that define the character of this tequila. Taste: Intense flavor. Evident fruity undertones with a touch of delicate tones of spices that gives a lasting flavor.



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  • Otros
  • Agriculture, food and beverages

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Visits 172
Minimum order 60
Production capacity by pieces 25,000


Tequila Silver 100% Agave Sizes: 750 ml and 375 ml Alcohol Content: 38% Alc. Vol.

About the company


Name   Company Tequilera de la Barranca de Amatitan SA. de C.V.
Location Pichon 1346, Morelos 44910. Guadalajara, Jalisco. México
Registered Company 2018-09-19 14:24:32
Total employees 11-50 personas
Company type
  • Otros
Economic activity
  • Agriculture, food and beverages
Description company We are a company dedicated to the production, packaging and sale of tequila and liquors, guaranteeing in each and every one of our products. Currently in the market we have distinct brands of tequilas and liquors crafted to please even the most demanding palates and to continue growth in both the national and international markets.
Languages English

Commercial data

Annual sales 4.01 - $ 50 mdp
Company classification Company Exporting
Main countries you export
  • Estados Unidos de América
  • Japón
  • Rusia
Percentage of exports
Start of exports 2004-03-19
Availability for production of other private brands Sin disponibilidad